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The mental health therapy field is growing by leaps and bounds. If you want to develop a private practice and experience success that grows like this field, you need help with a few vital practices which we have mastered.


Here are a few questions to ask yourself if you'd like to build a successful private practice.


1. Do I have a surefire way to attract and retain a potential clientele?

2. Do I have a clear and concise plan that will encompass my short and long term goals?

3. Is my business and marketing plan diverse and does it have contingencies for financial setbacks and market trends?

4. Do I understand my niche and mental health specializations? Am I advertising in a way that will focus on those specializations?

5. Do I have an accounting system?

6. Am I receiving full payment each time I provide a billable service?


If any of your answers to the above questions were less than a resounding YES, then your practice can and will benefit from working with a Consultant to fine tune your private practice for success.

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A bit about Monique and her journey through developing a thriving and successful private practice.

I have over a decade of hospital, community mental health and child welfare experience. I also have a background in finance and business. My father is an entrepreneur and I have had experience since the age of 10 in working in his business and understanding what it requires to make a business successful and solvent. Private Practice has always been the goal for me, I’ve always wanted to offer therapy that was infused with my own vision of holistic health, wellness and collaborative approach with clients; private practice has been my identified vehicle in embodying my own mission and purpose and living a life of passion and wholeness. I started Awaken The Power Therapy in February of 2015 on a part time basis with the idea that I would slowly transition into a full time practice over the course of 3 years. I maintained a full-time job and a part time job during the inception of Awaken The Power Therapy. After four months, however, I needed to make a life changing decision and due to the growth of Awaken The Power I needed to decide to transition away from my full-time job to focus on the growth and expansion of the practice. This process was scary yet exciting I had to decide about whether to dive into my dreams and hopes with both feet in. I eventually made the decision to transition away from my full-time practice and after 8 months I was able to also transition away from my part time job and at that time maintained 30 clients per week. My practice has significantly grown since; I now have 4 Licensed Therapist that works in the practice. I know how difficult it can be to begin a private practice the labor of love that it requires to give birth to the dream of private practice.


I believe I can help coach you through connecting with the pains of labor but also amplify the joys, passion and reward of the journey. I am living my dream I can make my own schedule, choose my clientele that amplifies my “sweet spots” and expertise in this field. I am also able to construct a practice that is financially successful yet client centered and humanistic in its approach. I would encourage you to begin to think about using consultation to breathe life into a healthy beginning foundation of your budding practice. My approach for consultation is guided by experiential knowledge; I use my own experiences, obstacles, challenges and successes in the field of private practice to guide you through your own journey. I also understand the market and trend of mental health and use this knowledge to also guide my coaching with private practitioners. I like to begin with a solid idea of your style, your passion and your mission to tailor my service to make it effective for your growth and expansion. I have also gained connections along the way and work closely with other consultants and vendors to ensure a healthy overall business. Wouldn’t it make sense to work with a private practice owner who have been able to demonstrate solid business sense and desired outcomes of growth and prosperity?


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