Life Coaching 

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We approach Life Coaching using proven techniques in motivation and insight-oriented psychology principles. We use Life Coaching to support goal setting, personal growth,and behavior modification of clients who often feel stuck and disempowered in their lives. We help our clients with specific goals through life coaching, providing pointed techniques/skills and a high level of accountability for goal completion. We focus on life coaching around:

  • Career

  • Happiness

  • Confidence

  • Achieving Goals

  • Finding Purpose

  • Relationship/Love

  • Ending Procrastination

  • Women’s Empowerment

Business Coaching

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​We offer Business coaching to business owners seeking expert guidance. We partner our expertise in business development along with psychology principles to help our business coaching clients.

• Helps you look at the big picture for your business and life. 

• Guides you in enhancing your business skills. 

• Provides candid feedback to you about your strengths and weaknesses.

• Helps you identify business opportunities. 

• Links you with professionals and organizations to assist in solving problems. 

• Helps you through the transitional periods in starting and growing a business 

• Assists you balancing your personal with your business life. 

• Listens to problems you are facing, helps you set goals and develop a plan, and a follow up accountability on plans.

• Encourages and motivates you, building your sense of self-worth and confidence.

Private Practice Coaching

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We offer coaching for providers who are starting a private practice or who has started a private practice and could benefit from enhancement. The mental health therapy field is growing by leaps and bounds. If you want to develop a private practice and experience success that grows abundantly, you may need help with a few vital practices which we have mastered. Here are a few questions to ask yourself if you would like to build a successful private practice:

  • Do I have a surefire way to attract and retain a potential clientele?

  • Do I have a clear, concise plan that encompasses my short and long-term goals?

  • Is my business and marketing plan diverse and does it have contingencies for financial setbacks and market trends?

  • Do I understand my niche and mental health specializations? Am I advertising in a way that will focus on those specializations?

  • Do I have an accounting system?

  • Am I receiving full payment each time I provide a billable service?


If any of your answers to the above questions were less than a resounding YES, then your practice can and will benefit from working with a Consultant to fine tune your private practice for success.​

Clinical Consultation

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We offer clinical consultation for licensed therapist who are working in community agencies or private practice settings. Our goal in clinical consultation is to enhance a therapist clinical skill set, produce more confidence in the clinical work and foster a better awareness of self. Working as a mental health therapist does not come with a playbook or guidebook; As licensed therapist you are constantly working from your education, experience, clinical instincts, and research. As a therapist you are moving from session to session and often unable to spend the time in between sessions to debrief and conceptualize clinical formulations. Clinical consultation offers a space to decompress, debrief and deconstruct complicated clinical cases for improved clinical results. We challenge our therapist in consultation to recognize transference and counter-transference issues that may hinder strong therapeutic bonds. Clinicians who invest in clinical consultation reports increased confidence in their clinical work, better awareness of self and a strong sense of professional support.

Clinical Supervision

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We offer clinical supervision for providers who are pre-licensed and aim to be licensed in Connecticut or/and New York. During clinical supervision, the pre-licensed provider meets with a licensed therapist to discuss cases, treatment strategies, and professional boundaries. We offer unique clinical supervision in that we incorporate holistic approaches to our supervision sessions. We assist our pre-licensed therapist in identifying their budding clinical strengths while learning innovative mental health techniques to incorporate in their work with clients. We recognize that daily clinical mental health work with distraught people can inherently be difficult; a key aspect of clinical supervision is often helping therapists learn to compartmentalize their own emotions and practice better self-care. Supervision requirements vary with the degree and license a therapist holds. In most cases, supervision takes a year or longer to complete. Please check with your state’s governing board regarding their requirements around clinical supervision.


Daniel C (Hamden, CT)

Monique West is an AWESOME personal coach! She looks for the "Why's" behind my decisions and helps clarify the purpose of my moves as I try to build my platform and expand my business. She does work outside of our time together. I couldn't recommend her more highly!  

Doreen M (Greenwich, CT)

Monique and I have been working through business and personal stuck points in my life for the past three months. I feel an overall greater sense of awareness and mental clarity since practicing Monique's life coaching techniques. I now have a more diverse set of skills and mental strategy to use to feel a sense of control in my own life. 

I've received coaching from Monique for the past 6 months and it has been a transformational experience since day one! Monique is a kind, warm, compassionate, and a highly knowledgeable expert on all things coaching. If you are looking for a high quality professional coach, Monique is a top recommendation without a doubt! Don't wait, book NOW!

Brian T (Milford, CT)