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Monique West, LCSW-R 


Monique West, LCSW-R is the founder of Awaken The Power Therapy she founded Awaken The Power Therapy on the premise that people deserve a holistic, nurturing and nonjudgmental space where they can access the latest and most effective mental health treatment and approaches. Monique believes that the relationship between a person and their therapist can heal old emotional wounds and transform a lifetime of emotional pain and emptiness.


Monique is also a therapist in the practice and uses a strength-based approach to guide clients to tap into their own inner power.  Monique is an expert in working with symptoms and issues of Relationship Communications Conflicts, Anxiety/Depression, Adult ADD/ADHD, Chronic Childhood Emotional Invalidation, and Surviving a borderline personality disordered parent as an adult. Monique also specializes in supporting other therapist in their own therapy process for issues around work/life balance, professional burn-out and unresolved trauma. 


With over a decade of practice, Ms. West is an expert in working with people who struggle with depression, anxiety & communication issues through individual & couple’s work. Ms. West is trained in PREPARE/ENRICH, a proven couple’s program that offers marital & Pre- Marital therapy through skills training for couples.  Monique has also completed Level 3 Gottman Training, an effective straightforward approach to couples therapy. Monique also uses Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) approaches in couple's therapy to better enhance the work with her couple clients. Monique approaches therapy with a solution based and attachment/trauma-oriented focus.  Ms. West believes that with affirming client’s strengths, it increases the opportunity for a client to build on their success and become more instrumental in their own lives.  Monique is Licensed in New York and Connecticut and treats clients in New York through Telehealth. With over a decade of practice, Ms. Monique West has noted that her clients have seen marked improvements in their moods, behaviors & daily functioning within 10 sessions!!!!

Monique also offers Private Practice Coaching, Business Coaching, Clinical Supervision and Clinical Consultations.  Monique believes she can help coach clients through connecting with the pains of labor but also amplify the joy, passion, and reward of the business development journey. Monique’s approach to coaching is guided by experiential knowledge. Monique uses her own experiences, obstacles, challenges, and successes in the field of business development and clinical expertise to guide her clients through professional coaching work.  Monique incorporates psychology principles and business concepts to generate an effective and well-meaning plan for emerging and already established business owners. Monique begins with a solid idea of her client’s style, passion, and mission to tailor services to make it effective for her client’s growth and expansion. Monique also has gained connections along the way and works closely with consultants in information technology, accounting/financial services, website building, etc. to ensure a holistic overall business referral relationship. Wouldn’t it make sense to work with a private practice owner who has been able to demonstrate solid business sense and desired outcomes of growth and prosperity?