Monique West, LCSW 


Monique West, LCSW-R is the founder of Awaken The Power Therapy she founded Awaken The Power on the premise that people deserve a holistic, nurturing and non judgmental space where they can access  the latest and most effective mental health treatment and approaches. Monique believes that the relationship between a person and their therapist can heal old emotional wounds and transform a lifetime of emotional pain and emptiness.


Monique is also a therapist in the practice and uses a strength based approach to guide clients to tap into their own inner power.  Monique is an expert in working with symptoms and issues of Relationship Communications Conflicts, Anxiety/Depression, Adult ADD/ADHD, Chronic Childhood Emotional Invalidation, and Surviving a borderline personality disordered parent as an adult. Ms. West is also an Adjunct Professor at Fordham University where she teaches graduate level courses to master of social work students. 

With over a decade of practice, Ms. West is an expert in working with people who struggle with depression, anxiety & communication issues through individual & couple’s work. Ms. West is trained in PREPARE/ENRICH, a proven couple’s program that offers marital & Pre- Marital therapy through skills training for couples.  Monique has also completed Level 3 Gottman Training an effective straightforward approach to couple’s therapy. Monique also uses Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) approaches in couple's therapy to better enhance the work with her couples clients. Monique approaches therapy with a solution based and attachment/trauma oriented focus.  Ms. West believes that with affirming client’s strengths, it increases the opportunity for a client to build on their success and become more instrumental in their own lives.  Monique is Licensed in New York and Connecticut and treat clients in New York through Telehealth. With over a decade of practice, Ms. Monique West has noted that her clients have seen marked improvements in their moods, behaviors & daily functioning within 10 sessions!!!!

Dr. Katherine Bothos believes in addressing a person’s needs in a compassionate manner as well as providing a safe, comfortable and nurturing environment that allows for personal growth. Her approach is insight and growth-oriented where she highlights a collaborative therapeutic relationship and advises clients to take an active role in their treatment. Dr. Katherine Bothos is a licensed clinical psychologist with 9 years of private practice experience and have been treating clients for over 15 years. Dr. Bothos has wide experience with: depression, stress, anxiety, psychiatric symptom management, trauma issues, domestic violence, assertiveness training, substance abuse issues, conflict resolution skills, eating disorders, life transitions and anger-management. Most of Dr. Bothos’s clinical experience consists of working with the chronically mentally ill. Her specialty is working with women who have endured trauma and couple's therapy. Dr. Bothos has extensive experience, primarily, in working with adults and adolescents.


Dr. Bothos considered her clinical approach as eclectic, client centered and holistic in the field of psychotherapy. Dr. Bothos is trained in Dialectic Behavior Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Mindfulness, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) as well as cognitive restructuring and utilize a psychodynamic viewpoint in working with clients. 

Dr. Bothos graduated from the Alliant International University in Fresno, CA with a Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D) degree in 2001; completed her pre-doctoral internship at Hutchings Psychiatric Center and Madison County Mental Health in Syracuse, NY in 2000 as well as postdoctoral internship at Yale School of Medicine for two years from 2001-2003 where she specialized in treating the co-occurring disorders population.Dr. Bothos also holds a Master of Arts degree from the University of New Haven in Community Clinical Psychology. Her training consists of treatment of emotional disorders utilizing different modalities individual, couple therapy, marriage counseling and family psychotherapy as well as conducting psychological assessments. Dr. Bothos also has provided clinical supervision, consultation as well as crisis intervention.

Dr. Katherine Bothos

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Debra Hanratty

Licensed Clincial Social Worker

Debra Hanratty is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) and has over 20 years of experience working in a variety of clinical settings. Mrs. Hanratty focuses her clinical work around issues of depression, anxiety, relationship transitions and self-esteem issues. Debra uses a variety of eclectic treatment approaches that are focused on helping people make better life choices and understanding how underlying and unresolved emotions affects one’s sense of inner peace, happiness and inter-personal relationships. Debra believes that to have effective and permanent treatment goals clients must be able to practice skills to self-regulate their emotions, communicate their needs more effectively and stress manage. Debra ultimately focuses her treatment around teaching her clients tools  to help them make better choices and improve difficult  areas in their lives. 

Mrs. Hanratty wants to build a positive working relationship with her clients and believes that this relationship is the most important element for therapy to be truly successful. Debra views her role as a therapist as that of a coach and a teacher. Mrs. Hanratty works with clients as a team to develop treatment goals that are important to them. Debra creates an environment where clients can grow emotionally by gaining better understanding of their emotions, develop new coping skills, gain a healthy new perspective. Mrs. Hanratty believes that with support, everyone can make positive changes in their own lives. 

Debra graduated with her graduate degree from Southern Connecticut State University where she graduated with distinction. Mrs. Hanratty has worked in outpatient settings providing group and individual therapy to clients who are suffering from a wide variety of mental health and substance abuse issues. Mrs. Hanratty has worked at child guidance clinics, in hospital settings and part of emergency mobile psychiatric services utilizing crisis intervention techniques. Mrs. Hanratty uses her diverse experiences to harness creative approaches and interventions with clients to make their therapeutic experience meaningful and effective.  

Margaret "Peggy" Mayo

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Margaret “Peggy” Mayo is a Licensed Social Worker (LCSW) and has clinical experience in various setting over the past 20 years ranging from bereavement and grief work in hospice care, substance abuse outpatient and private practice settings. Peggy’s philosophy in therapy is to partner with her clients in a collaborative manner and teach practical problem-solving tools and techniques to help her clients find their best life possible.

Peggy believes that as therapist her role is to walk with her clients to find the solutions and answers through a holistic approach of connecting the mind, the body and the spirit to help you find wholeness, positive living and wellness. Using a broad spectrum of interventions from a variety of therapeutic approaches including Positive Psychology, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Person-Centered Therapy, Play Therapy, Reiki Therapy. Mindfulness as well as traditional psychotherapy.  Each client, including individuals, couples and families who are experiencing grief and loss, trauma, mental health issues, addiction recovery and other life challenging issues will experience therapy tailored to their needs as a partner an active role in the recovery process. Peggy has worked with clients around issues of trauma, mood disorders, family/relationship conflicts, parenting role strain. Peggy works with children, adolescent, adults and families.


Peggy graduated from Barry University in Florida and has various training in alternative holistic methods. Peggy has completed her 2nd level Reiki and has training in Yoga for Grief Relief.

Katherine Walworth

Licensed Professional Counselor

Katherine Walworth is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC). Katherine has a Masters in Art Therapy from Albertus Magnus College. Katherine has worked many years in various settings; Ms. Walworth has worked in residential treatment, psychiatric hospital, drug treatment programs, community health and Private Practice. Katherine provides expressive arts interventions for her clients and works with a variety of populations from Women with depression and relationship issues to substance abusers in early recovery.

Katherine’s goal as a therapist is to support individuals in creating positive change in their lives. She strongly believes that difficult times offers us a unique opportunity towards growth, expansion and healing! As a Therapist Ms. Walworth sees her role as one in which she offers a safe, holistic and nurturing place for her clients to explore past hurt, pain, trauma and collaborate in finding life and effective strategies that work towards mental health, physical health and over all well-being.

Ms. Walworth believes that a healthy client translates into a healthy family and into a healthy community. Ms. Walworth has experience working with individuals experiencing substance use disorders, trauma, chronic mental illness, life transitions and adjustment disorders. Ms. Walworth currently runs a weekly Women’s Empowerment Group at Awaken the Power Therapy in which she uses creative and expressive interventions to help women connect to their truest selves and their inner Goddess energy and strength.

Ms. Walworth has a passion for group therapy and brings a vibrant and compassionate flare to her clinical work with her client. Ms. Walworth works with adults, families and groups around issues of addiction, substance abuse, divorce transition and childhood emotional trauma. Ms. Walworth believes that taking a holistic approach to therapy can greatly and profoundly transform people’s lives in ways unimaginable!

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