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5 Mantras to the REAL you

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

1. I will remember that my fears are not the sum of me!

Sometimes having fears about the world, our position in the world and what our capabilities are feels like that is the limitation of who we essentially are. Make it an affirmation as you move through your daily life to remind yourself that ” My fears does not define me” or “What my fears whispers me to has nothing to do with who I AM essentially.”

2. Take time to roll around in your daydreams.

Take conscious time out in between each activity every day to imagine what life could be if you could have it just the way you want. Imagine being a photographer in Hawaii, imagine jet-setting to your favorite locations at your own whim. Bask in your daydreams, smile about it, laugh about it! Go Wild!

3. I will re-parent myself in love and compassionate.

No matter how great our parents are we all have felt that they could have given us something emotionally that we did not receive. As an adult it’s within our powers to re-parent ourselves to heal old wounds. Write a letter to yourself at eight years old and express to yourself all the things that you know now about your strengths, your wisdom and all the things that you have within your powers to give yourself emotionally a midst your parents influence.

4. I will break up with “should” statements.

Having a strong ” I should” be, ” I should” have done, “I should” not have… keeps us trapped in the past. Practice re-framing ” should” statements into ” I will” free yourself from the heavy and useless energy of living in the past.

5. I will Practice A spiritual ritual everyday.

Spiritual practice does not mean you have to be a religious zealot. A spiritual ritual allows one to reconnect to themselves on the most basic level in silence. A spiritual practice could mean guided or quiet meditation, drinking herbal tea by a roaring fireplace, scrap-booking your dream life, walking barefoot on the beach feeling the sand between your toes, feeling the wind on your face smelling the ocean air, etc. Try out various spiritual practices to find your best fit rituals. NAMASTE!

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